Cactus life and wildflower dreams

wildflowers and tall onionsWe are living out on some country land in Texas while we wait for our next mission (By the grace of God and a couple amazing people). The few weeks with all of this rain flooding the earth have caused us to become surrounded by a tangled field of wild flowers as tall as me.

It is lovely.

This week as we mow, patch by patch, flat and wide and green, I think about how it is still pretty but it is different. (The neighbors like it better this way.)  mowed

And actually, I too will appreciate less scorpions and tarantulas knocking on our door.

But I have been loving this field of wild flowers. That expanse of rainbows of colors, with the tall multi-hued grass stalks, blowing gently in the breeze, butterflies dancing across the tops…now that takes my breath away. God made it. This is how He gardens.

There is a beautiful miraculous thing that happens when He takes over the mess.

Makes me think of how He takes over the mess in our lives and turns us into something beautiful.

You are His and You are beautiful.

There is a cactus that stands at the end of the pavement. She is all alone in her place. She survived a fire and you can see some of her bottom layers are black and marred and warbled with knots. She has tall tangled grass and weeds poking out of her in all directions. She protects her weeds, many insects, and a little mouse family, with the largest sharpest prickly thorns you have ever seen twisting in turning in destructive directions. She is a Texas Queen. She has lived through and survived so much. And there is not much that makes you admire her beauty. In fact everything about her makes a person want to steer clear from her.

Until one early morning when I went out to take a walk…and there it was. The largest, most yellow, most beautiful blossom I have ever seen. What a surprise! I have seen these kinds of cactuses everywhere in Texas but I have never seen one blossom. This flower was so bright and so yellow that it almost hurt my eyes. How do I say this… you know I am a weirdo about colors God made. Wait…I am an enthusiast. This flower was so bright yellow I wanted to look at it deeper.  I snapped some pictures.









By the time I was able to have the kids go out and see it, Her majesty had bowed out. Her blossom laying kind of limp and shriveled. They were sad to have missed but we could see these giant mysterious buds all over her, waiting for their debut.  A few days later she was covered with blossoms all over and the show just keeps getting better.

Doesn’t this kind of remind you of life at times? Sometimes it seems ugly, dry, half-dead. A prickly cactus, with mice and weeds that has been through so much. And then VOILA! Blossoms bigger than your hands! Amazing. I love it.

Think about it. Why not let God be your gardener? He is truly the ONLY ONE who can reach in to take those hard to reach weeds out any ways.

IMG_6306 IMG_6307

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