Abandon Your Boat in 2016 (New Song Included)

Today I would like to share with you something God, through His Holy Spirit, has been working on my heart and in my mind through His Word in the life of Peter.  First off, Peter for whatever reason liked to do things in threes.  For instance, after Jesus was arrested…

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No Room for Jesus

Merry Christmas everyone!  It’s Daryl this time, not Dawn.  Sorry it has been so long between posts from me, exceptionally long this time.  It is not too late for this Christmas message, and in fact it is never too late.  This message may be just in time for you.  You…

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You Are Not Forsaken

  You Are Not Forsaken. Good morning or evening whatever the case may be. This day and in all days acknowledge the Lord your God, who will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit that He may be, not just with us, but in us always…

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Making music…

DLUV Having some fun in Fenix Studio

I don’t know if you know…but we love music.  We have always thought that when we would go on the road to areas and feed people that we would also provide church…The Word, Prayer, And Worship. (Part of Acts 2:42-46 Our Mission… of being kind of like the early church.)

Daryl has been working on a couple of original songs for a couple months now. We all love them and like to harmonize and play along and then last week we all wrote one together.  It was fun to play together and also think about what God means to us. How we love him.

Music brings such love, peace, and fellowship connection in much the same way that food does for us.  It is a gift, a blessing!


Fernando in his studio

We have an awesome cool friend that was so gracious to help us record a few songs for us today.  If you need to hire someone to help you with your music he is uber talented, and CRAZY LOVES The Lord.  He has some great ideas coming soon too!!!  Check out the Fenix Show on Youtube and give him some love!!!





Here are our new songs!

“Not Forsaken”  By Daryl   Sung by Daryl, Dawn, and Haidyn


“Kingdom Eyes” By Daryl, Dawn, And Haidyn  Sung by Dawn and Daryl


“Consume Me” Written and Sung By Daryl Huff


Music is serious Biz