Hooray! Happy reports!

So this has been a big week for the Huff family!!! Sunday morning our son was baptized!!! Praise God!!!




The night before this took place we were just about falling asleep when we heard gun shots fired. I woke up and asked Daryl if he heard the sound. He said yes and then we quietly listened for a bit. Soon we heard fireworks. Ah! Country living! Hahah! I was immediately back to sleep and Daryl was still hearing noises.

Sounded like something sizzling. Took him a few minutes to realize that a water pipe had sprung a leak and was spraying on the electrical box. We shut off the water and electricity and We worked for the next hour trying to fix it. (Of course I used this “we” word loosely… but hey I was awake and holding a flashlight…so my help counted.) After a clamp breaking and the discovery of a mystery pipe we gave up hope until the morning light.

During the night we were freezing and we could see our breath. We all bundled up in bed together in scarves, coats, hats, extra pants, daddy’s socks, and all the winter clothing and blankets one can muster up in South Texas. Mom shared an exciting tale from her childhood of a time that the electric grid shut down for a week of harsh Florida weather.

The next morning we counted our blessings as our son got baptized!  We also counted the blessing of having been woken up by gun shots…. we could have easily slept through the light frying sounds emitting from under the floor by our heads. We counted our blessings that we were awake, alive, and safe. Our home and family still safe. We counted our blessings for many saints rejoicing with us over this profession of faith by an amazing young boh. (This one I prayed for… the one who came after two losses… the one I rocked in my arms and thanked God for and dedicated to the Lord in my still late night conversations with my Father while I nursed him through his first year of life. What mommy joy!)

We arrived home from church and lunch with our dear ones and set up a girlscout style camp table for dish washing. The kids were thrilled at the adventure. Well now we know we can cook AND clean camp style out on the road if we must.

We wondered what other blessings God was giving us that we couldn’t see yet.  Our past experiences have shown us that God is always doing more than we can see! We try to listen and look and not miss anything. What is it Father?

Stronger faith?

Understanding and compassion for those we will serve?

Outdoor cooking and serving abilities?


We can’t wait to see!

The next couple days we were blessed to stay at the home of dear friends! We thank God for the love of His children! Another brother met with a daryl and spent hours of his own day off to help us repair! A sister in Christ called to see if she could deliver me coffee and Another sister who I have only met once face to face but feel soooo connected to in spirit called to order a candle…for her prayer room and office… and spent a little while chatting about ministry life adventures with me! Oh so many ways God makes my heart fill up! What sweet treasured gifts all of these moments were.

Well we are back at home today! Trying to rest from all the Mountain Cedar allergy sneezes.

We are excited to report that today we were able to complete our annual recertification application and fees for corporation!!! Yahoo!

Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers! Thank you for prayerful consideration of making a monthly donation to our ministry! Please continue to pray for God’s provision over our food truck



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