In the Kitchen

break bread

Great things can happen in the kitchen of any home. It is one of my favorite places. The warmth, the savory and sweet, the chatter and laughter, the sharing, the lessons, and the fellowship.

There is joy in working together here… to see the results of your labor, and then to be able to give back to those you love.

People often ask us food and cooking related questions, and while I don’t really consider us a food blog it seems there needs to be a little bit of space here for some of the cooking things we do. Being a food blog scares me I suppose. There are the pictures that have to look just so, and all of the steps, and timing, and OH! Well, you get it. But as often happens with a big new growth step, I tend to grapple with my own insecurities a bit first. I guess you could call this page and its sections…“OBEDIENCE IN ACTION”.

So here are some things I thought we might feature in the following pages:

Culinary Adventures…
I often get it in my mind to try new things, to perfect a new recipe, to make something unusual, to learn a new skill. So I will stop keeping those to myself. I have about an 80% experimental dinner night rate….with the 20% bad…being REALLY Horrifyingly bad!  I will be brave and show you both.  So, the moral is there is no success without failure. So why not try a few new adventures with me.

Here is my bucket list: Become a Dutch Oven Master! Make Pasta from scratch! Make a souffle! Make homemade tortillas. Learn more dishes from other cultures! Teach the kids to cook like those kids on the Junior Chef show!!! What new things would you like to try?

Recipe Box
Tried and True, Favorites and New…Recipes Coming Soon!

Tools, Tips, & Tricks
Once in a while I find that kitchen gadget that I can not live without… or I figure out a way to use an old tool in a different fashion. Let’ s share our favorites!

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