Culinary Adventures

I often get it in my mind to try new things, to perfect a new recipe, to make something unusual, to learn a new skill. So I will stop keeping those to myself. I have about an 80% experimental dinner night rate….with the 20% bad…being REALLY Horrifyingly bad! So, the moral is there is no success without failure. So why not try a few new adventures with me.

Here is my bucket list: Become a Dutch Oven Master! Make Pasta from scratch! Make a souffle! Make homemade tortillas. Learn more dishes from other cultures! Teach the kids to cook like those kids on the Junior Chef show!!! What new things would you like to try?


Culinary Adventures…

dutchoven cooking


Texas Adventures! Cowboy Cooking! Dutch Oven Fun!

(Check out our family attempt at cooking outside like cowboys)

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