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CWJ JournalWelcome to The CWJ… A group of Christian Women who love to journal their journey.  

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Many years ago, I felt God re-awakening my love for writing.  I had an idea to start a Journal Club for women in my church.  It would be a way for me to record my faith walk, my prayers, and my life experiences.  It would also be a way to keep me accountable to actually writing.  I was just like so many of you with unused, pretty, blank journals in a box in my garage.  Actually, some of them had some pretty good stuff on about the first twelve pages.  I didn’t even need to buy paper.

At the same time this idea was cooking in my mind and heart I began to realize that there was a shortage of women you could just invite over to chat over coffee.  I longed for the old days when neighbors had coffee in their homes, or sweet tea on the front porch in the evening.  In a social-media, text driven world, I was longing for real friendships in real time.  So The CWJ was born!

How to start your own group:

So I started to look out for ladies who talked about writing or keeping journals.  I invited everyone by word of mouth to the first Christian Women Journaling Group.  When I had a few ladies who said they were definitely in, we set a date.  We put on lots of coffee and brought our journals and bibles and pens.  We spent a little time praying and sharing what we had been writing about through the weeks before our meetings. We always talked about what we had been journaling, what God has been teaching us, and blessings received or prayers answered.  Usually I would have a bible verse or topic prepared and we would spend about five minutes writing and then talking about what we wrote.

cwj why

My group met two Fridays a month.  After a while we developed a tradition of making what we soon named, “Friendship Fritattas”

I usually made the fritattas, and everyone brought an ingredient to add.  One friend would bring a small portion of mushrooms saved from the carton before making  their dinner the previous night, another brought tomatoes and basil from their garden, or a little bit of cheese.  The trick was to bring something you already had, and just a little bit.  All of our ingredients combined to make a great dish and a beautiful friendship!


The trick to having a really great journal group is the bond that is formed, so don’t be afraid to have fun & relax, and really get to know each other.  Praying for God to lead you, Time spent together,  and sharing what is on your hearts before God will do that for sure.



cwj how to


Topics to get you started:

What is your story (testimony)?

When can you look back on your life and see how God was with you?  Write about one of these times.

What person made the biggest impact on your faith?

What do you believe God is teaching you today?

Do you believe God speaks to you today? If yes in what ways do you see evidence of this? If no, write a prayer asking Him to reveal Himself to you and to allow you to see how He has been speaking to you even at this moment.


Join our online Facebook Journal community at Christian Women Journal.

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