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consider your joy...



I had a dream that a famous author emailed me to tell me that she liked our stories on this blog and that I should  never forget what God told me…”Consider Your Joy.”  I woke up immediately after reading the words and this verse was swimming in my head.  I knew God was telling me to trust Him, and to enjoy all of these challenges, to “Consider it pure joy.”  I already had this habit I just had not been very good about it lately.  I already looked at almost every problem  as a testing of faith that was developing perseverance.  (It is the “Glad Game” in Polyanna…It is counting your blessings.)  I know He wants me to share the trials that we undergo, so as my strength increases, as Jesus increases in me…that it brings me joy and will increase the faith and joy of those around me.  So, what things have happened?  Oh how we have faced so many trials of so many kinds?  What is God teaching me today?  So many things.  By the time I am ready to go Home to heaven I will be “mature and complete, not lacking anything.”  What a joyful thing to consider all by itself.  I know my God is good.  Here is how:


joyMiraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part One

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Two

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Three

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Four

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Five

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Six

Miraculous Unlimited Dangerous Joy Part Seven


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