Daryl’s Room


daryls room

So,  one of the big reasons that we are going on the road, to feed and minister to people in disaster areas is because of how The Holy Spirit is always working on this guy’s heart. Since he is usually working so hard at his jobs and also to teach and serve others he doesn’t always have the time to sit down and write it all out on paper. He is becoming more encouraged lately to write and so I wanted to make a space just for him.

Daryl has a calling to be a minister and a culinary degree…which makes this whole mission make a lot more sense.He is also the spiritual leader of this House of Happy Huffs. He has been a huge influence on me to stretch my mind and ask the difficult questions that have helped me grow closer to God over the past few years. I am positive you will gain from his thoughts and his heart as well. He would be the first to tell you though… Don’t listen to him—Go open your Bible and READ it! So, I want to make sure his words are easy for you to find. In our little bitty house on wheels…Here it is: Welcome to Daryl’s Room!


blue bokah pink logoBig D. That Don’t Mean Dallas!

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On Phileo And Agape Love

The Sovereignty of God

His Still Small Voice


Deverus, AKA Dev, If You’re Out There…

Stay Thirsty…Rainy Day Devotional

You Are Not Forsaken

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