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Hello, Sweet Precious Sisters!   I have gone back and forth about whether or not to include my group The Secret Praying Wives in this list of ministries.  I want to continue to hide it and keep it protected and sheltered.  And I really don’t know what all I am going to say about it.  I just know I am supposed to share something.  So, let me pray first.

Father, thank you so much for this gift.  This one most God.  Thank you for giving me the kindness to be able to speak to you every honest word from my heart.  Where others may say my prayers do not fit into some sort of rule….that is not how you accept me at all.  I know I deserve less…from One so Holy and so pure.  Create in me a heart that reflects yours.  I Love you even more for letting me be myself and have my own voice with you and teaching me each day what you want that to look like.  Thank  you for loving me that much.  Thank you for my husband, father!!! He is so funny and kind, he works so hard, and seeks after you, and I am grateful for him always. God, I also thank you for the way you prompt my heart to listen to you and to do things sometimes that are out of my comfort zone.  I thank you for teaching me to trust you and to be obedient.  I know it has been a long hard lesson already and it is not even over.  Father, I so long to please you.  I long to make my heart all yours.  My life is yours to mold and shape and do with it what you will.  I know you have soooooo many lessons still to teach me about how to be a wife for my husband, what respect looks like, what love looks like, what submission looks like. I pray desperately that you never allow me to be a hindrance to my husband’s walk.  Today I am asking you Father, to help me to share this idea you have been teaching me, about praying for my own husband,  with other women out there who may need to pray for theirs today, some even for the first time.  Those women who may need the hope of God’s victory in their marriage today!  I pray you will allow me to share in a way that honors you and is in your will. Amen.


Phew. Okay I have much greater peace now. It is scary to be vocal about such a thing. Marriage. Why? I don’t know. We say a lot of stuff about ups and downs in our lives…because we feel like it is part of our faith walk and that is what points people back to Jesus. I mean we have enough Christians walking around pretending to be perfect and well we don’t help anyone when we are not being ourselves. Also, when you start to say things or pray things about your marriage, it feels like you are so much more vulerable to attacks in this area. OR maybe God shines a light on something in a dark corner that you need to change about yourself…That can be a little painful too right? Also, I always prayed God would help me become a prayer warrior like some of the other amazing ladies I know, I don’t have confidence in this area yet but, have learned God is helping me to grow here, and He also wants me to be a prayer warrior like me…not other people. So with that said;

The Secret Praying Wives
One time, many years ago, I read an article about how a lady didn’t have a lot to offer in the way of serving, or giving money but she knew that she could pray for someone. So, when one of her neighbors was in need of prayer she sent her a card saying that she loved her friend and she loved Jesus and so she was committing to pray for her friend and her friend’s family for the whole next year. The neighbor was so flattered. She said no one ever cared enough about her to make such a commitment to her before. Eventually that year, she became saved and so did her family. All sorts of amazing things happened for them.

I thought this was an awesome story and a really cool way to serve others. We pray for people all the time, but what if we picked someone to pray for, for a whole year like we would pray for ourselves? I began to do this for different neighbors and friends each year. Still do! This year I am praying for a young lady in her college Freshman year. But about three years ago, I realized that I should be commited to praying for my husband like that. I decided that in this case, I would not tell him that I was doing it, I would just do it and see what God did.

It was an amazing year. There were Mountain soaring highs and impossible to climb out of pits. Impossible without God, anyways. But I felt so much more capable of getting through anything because I already was walking with God through everything. I watched my husband’s faith grow and we were closer than ever before. We were stronger. I learned that we had to each put our individual relationship with God first and then give “us as a couple” to God as well. God had to be first individually and first in our marriage, for us to be our best. It was a big growing year for me.
The next year came along and I began to feel like the Holy Spirit was trying to get me to invite others to join in, and pray for their husbands in secret too. After a couple months telling God why I would be terrible at this, one night while cooking dinner I posted online, “Would anyone be interested in committing to pray for your husband for a whole year in a secret facebook group?”
My phone didn’t stop making noise for about three hours straight.
I was shocked. There were many like me who felt this was worth making a year long commitment. And our group was born. (Today we have over 200 women.)

This is year number two online. Some months, as the Holy Spirit Leads, I post prayers of my heart. Some months, I look for a book or resource or blog that has prayers for husbands. Some we have repeated because they are so great. The main goal is to encourage everyone to remember to pray for your husband every day. (Or if you are praying on your own…set a reminder…make it a habit and a joy in your day)!
I would really like to encourage you to pray about starting a secret wives group of your own. I would love to help you get one started.

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Some resources we have used are
Revive Our Hearts Ministry’s 30 Day Challenges 

Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O’Martian


Resources for your marriage, prayer, and relationship with God.

Resources for your marriage, prayer, and relationship with God.

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