My family’s Story In My Eyes

            My family’s story in my eyes

 My name is Haidyn, and I am the oldest of the Hufflings. If you don’t know, we are a nonprofit mobile soup kitchen. I live a great life with my family in a 1973 Airstream!  We and our ministry have come a long way…my dad got ordained as a pastor and we just got our 5o1c3 recently! We are ready to hit the road! But not quite. We are praying and waiting for a food truck. We need donations, and prayers. Now to the story!

 When it started, I was living in a normal home. To me this house we are living in right now is my new normal…it’s my everyday life. At our old house, the earliest point I remember is when my dad lost both of his jobs in 2 weeks. When dad lost his second job, I remember me and mom were out running errands when he called us and asked us to come home. When we got there, he was on his knees praying. Now in a dad’s world that’s hard. The whole world is crashing down around you, all you can think is how am I going to provide for my family now???  For 6 months, we prayed about the job situation and getting us through. (I say we as in my parents.)  Through this time, it just showed God provides. Somehow that just happens like that, right? Anyways once we decided to sell the house we were having garage sales left and right. At some point a lady who was shopping at our yard sale asked my mom why we were selling stuff. And my mom politely told her, “We are selling all our things because God called us to a ministry to travel in an RV to disaster areas to serve food to them and be the church.”

She stood there for a minute…now at this point I was standing there with mom…probably asking her to do something for me. The stranger said, “Well, I think I might have an RV you can have….no one is using it and I could give it to you.”

And me and mom looked at each other in awe, mom in tears…and I said, “That’s just God mommy.”

 It was an amazing experience that I hope I never forget. We got her number and talked to my dad about it later. Of course, it’s the one we have now. It needed some (as in a lot) of work. The first time we went and saw it, instantly on our way through the door I smelled it and saw that old gross furniture in that weird place that I knew was going to be my home. I sat down and mom said, “It’s ok honey. We are going to fix it.”

 I completely drowned out her words…I walked outside as my eyes filled with tears.

“That is not going to be my home!” I told myself.

It took about half a year into remodeling and then I wanted to stay the night! But it wasn’t quite ready yet. I remember sitting in what was going to be our new living room playing with toys while the guys hammered and mom was probably right outside buffing the walls. Man, buffing took the longest!  Soon, as in a while after, my dad was pulling out the toilet to put in our new one. I will spare you those yucky details. Some friends donated a refrigerator to us which we now still have hooked up in here and are grateful to have it. Eventually we moved in. Boxes were all over the place. It was hard to walk in there. My siblings were staying with someone but I wanted to move in so I came along. When we got there, it was so peaceful and calm. My dad decided to sleep in my bed and let me sleep with mom so I wouldn’t be scared. We laid down and huddled up together in mom’s new bed and watched a movie on our TV. And I rolled over and said, “Mom I like our new house.”

And she said, “Me too.”

Of course, before we moved in we had already sold our house. People offered for us to stay at their house while they were gone for the holidays and would be gone on vacation, or just offered for us to stay with them. Well everything worked out perfectly and we ended up having a place to stay the whole time we were waiting on the RV to be ready. GOD is good!

The night we moved out of our old house I was devastated. First my precious cats gone, now this! I DID NOT WANT TO MOVE. Now I look back and say if only I knew. If it weren’t for this ministry I wouldn’t know a few of the people in my life now. I most likely wouldn’t have followed my horse dreams. My favorite verse for those reasons is Jeremiah 29:11, for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. In the hard times, I think of that verse and I look back to all those times that were hard but we got through it. One awesome and hilarious memory is when we were traveling back from Florida in our RV. We decided to park at Walmart for the night on our way back. It was cold so we all had our giant coats on in a warm cuddly full sized bed. Yes, the five of us were all squeezed in there together. At least we were warm. The next morning was cold but the sun was gorgeous and gave us warmth. It really was a great memory. You may be thinking…how would that be a good memory? Well I don’t know either. It just was special. I will never forget that weekend. Oh wow! I almost forgot! On our way to Florida our RV had a flat tire. We had my aunt and my cousin with us. While we were driving, we heard a loud noise and a while later we pulled into a rest stop. Our tire was a shredded mess. It was barley even there. (OH…That was the noise.) So, we took the RV into some sort of car place to see if they could help, (we had a spare) they couldn’t get it on so they were about ready to give up but my dad said, “No! We ARE getting this tire on!”

He ended up doing most of the work, but the point is we got it on! Back on the road again. When we came back from Florida one of my, now favorite people came knocking on our door inviting us to their church. We went. Two weeks later when the Wimberly floods happened they let us use their kitchen to prepare and cook the food to take. Also a few people came and helped prepare. I knew we’d love these people forever when they came knocking on our door with their joyful smiling selves. They came because they felt like God wanted them to. We’ve been family ever since.  Now my dad is ordained as a pastor like I mentioned earlier, and we just got our 5o1c3 recently like I also mentioned earlier. All we are waiting for is a food truck but I know God will take care of that somehow. He already has so many times before. Oh man, there are so many other stories I wish I could share but I’m running out of…paper? LOL. Sorry it was a little long. Thanks for reading! If you want to help us get farther and be, able to help our ministry please pray for us! If you want to do more you can also donate.

Thank you!


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  1. I read this with tears and laughter. Only God!!! What a beautiful beautiful story. God is indeed beyond good, beyond faithful. Love you guys!

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