Raise That Kitchen! (by Haidyn)

About the food truck

Whoooohoo!!! Guess what! We got it! It is ours!!! (sigh) yes I’m talking about that food truck. Don’t you know its health inspected? What? Oh, you want to know what kind of kitchen appliances it has? Ok I will tell you. Its turquoise on the inside and red on the outside. It is totally us and even has a chalkboard outside to put our menu on. Oh yes I forgot, kitchen appliances! I just got too excited! Back to the kitchen. It has a refrigerator, stove, oven, water tanks, shelves, and sinks. What else is it supposed to have? Oh. Wait you mean we don’t own it yet??? Oh, I’m so confused!


Hey y’all its Haidyn and I was just messing around! Apparently I am feeling a little silly! HAHA! We were super excited to see this awesome food trailer today! Not what we expected but God put it in our path right? I mean come on, the inside is turquoise and the outside is red! What more could we ask for? It’s just the thing is we have got a minor difficulty…we don’t have money for this. I mean we don’t have $8,000 laying around and hanging out of our pockets. This isn’t an all of a sudden thing either. For over a week now we’ve been praying if this is the one in God’s will then we will know. Then we saw it today and we just knew! And if this is God’s plan then he will make it possible…right? Well we can’t do this on our own and we need your help this week to help us raise enough money for this food truck. Just a reminder of our ministry. We live in an RV and we WILL go TRAVEL to disaster areas with a FOOD TRUCK to FEED people and be their church and light in their time of hurt. But we can’t till this food truck is ours…I mean seriously how are you going to cook for 300 people without the right equipment. Yep. Wrap your brain around that one! I’m not writing this because I want to have a pity party or because I’m complaining but because I wanted to ask YOU and only YOU. If your reading this then I’m talking to YOU. I’m asking you not your next-door neighbor Sally that’s so nice she brings you pies when you’re sick, but I’m asking YOU…Not Bob the tractor driver, or Billboy Baggy Pants from Veggie Tales. I’m simply asking YOU. Now is YOUR chance to do something BIG!  So, as you read this, imagine I am actually sitting with you, talking to you. Think of how you can help. Don’t think of how anyone else can help. We don’t need $8,000 for ourselves. We need it because God called us to do this. If we didn’t love God we would definitely not be doing this. It’s not for ourselves or to bring us attention. It’s for GOD. It is to help others. So today I ask you please take the time to pray and ask God if he wants you to donate. I also want to thank all of you that have helped us along the way, donated, or even simply prayed for us because it means a lot. Because it has helped us in so many ways.



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