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We love all of our friends, family, and followers.  We see people pop up from all over the world to read our blog about our funny little family, our faith, and our mission to go help others in areas that have experienced a crisis.  We have been contacted several times by television producers about our story, and while it didn’t quite fit us, it is exciting to think about how compelling this journey is to others! We Pray this story shines out Jesus!!!

We hope that it has helped someone out there, increased someone’s faith or given someone hope!  It simply amazes and baffles us that you have hung in there with us on this journey for this long.  We are so grateful for those who have been around a while and those who are new! Welcome!

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Over the past couple of years keeping this story going online has been a HUGE gift to us.  It has helped us to work out some spiritual growth and learn to hone some skills, remember who we belong to, get us through some hard times, and also helped us to not feel so alone!  You are an amazing community and I can’t wait to see how the future brings us even closer!

We decided that we should change our blog and monetize it so that we could help bring in some funds so that we can do what we are called to do.  (And well hopefully to at least cover the basic costs of keeping technology going as we roll!)  We needed more flexibility to be able to do this, so that took a complete remodel of our site! We hope you love it!

Some of these people who we will invite to advertise on our pages are awesome friends who have helped us out (and we want to give back to them and we love them–You should know them too), some are PAID advertisers (companies we LOVE), Some our just awesome cool sites we wanted to share with you.

If you are interested in paying for some advertising space (or even bartering) or having us review something that would be useful to us or our readers,  Let me know!  We would love to work with you!  And We would love to share you with all of our friends!



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