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HOORAY! The day is finally here!!! We are BACK ON LINE!!!

Many of you know that we have been rebuilding our website for about a month now. You probably know this if you keep up with us at our Facebook page! Please go now and like us on Facebook at

You also might know this if you subscribe to our web page updates! If you do not …PLEASE Go to this page “How to be a HolyRoller” And sign up to subscribe in the top right hand corner. I promise this is just for our info. It will only be used to send you updates on what is happening with the HollyRollers Ministries and The Huffs!

We tried really hard to make this page easy to access for everyone, with really clear links at the top of the page. But we also tried to give enough information pages to make all of our different page followers happy. Basically you should be able to find a section you are looking for without wading through months of blogs. Maybe. I hope! HAHAHA! We will see.

So I am really curious, do you often find yourself doing things you have no experience with? Your common sense tells you GET HELP from a PRO! But every time you attempt to get help, it doesn’t pan out…and you end up having to learn how to do everything on your own? That is me. I always end up learning everything on my own. I love it though!

Daryl and I had a funny conversation today on our way to the laundromat about how I can never just do something half way. (Ummm…Yes that is that perfectionism issue I have.) He said, “You are ALWAYS…ALL IN, ALL OR NOTHING.”

I think that was the most romantic thing he has ever said to me. Heeheehee! I love it!  (Well we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes huh?)

Have fun exploring! We are SO excited about EVERYTHING to come for the future of this ministry!!! God has made it absolutely clear that we are learning…and we are not supposed to give up yet. So we will keep ROLLING forward!!! We are so thankful to have all of you joining us on the adventure! Stay in touch!!!! We love you!!!

Brightest Joy!

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