The rain will come…

Good morning!

We are calling on our prayer warriors to RISE UP TODAY AND PRAY for this ministry.  THIS WEEKEND WE ARE GOING TO GO SEE A FOOD TRAILER!!!

We are not sure what to expect but we are feeling very hopeful about it. We know God has a plan. And we wait patiently on the Lord in a way that most people do not understand. Hey, half the time we don’t understand! But we know what God has told us to build. We know what we know. We believe and trust in the Lord. We believe in what He has called us to do. We believe in His anointed purpose over our lives. How can anything be more exciting than that!?!

This morning a friend and I were talking about how we know all of this is God’s plan and we couldn’t wait to see how he works it all out. This is going to be big.

She said, “You are Noah’s wife!”

I am still laughing! Seriously, ladies who are in a season of waiting on the Lord… we need to print that on tee shirts. Hahahaha! Too funny!

Seriously though… Let me tell you brothers and sisters:  The rain will come!

Are you one of those laughing? OR are you all in?


Please pray about how your family might be able to help with a tax-deductible donation! Go to our Go Fund me page to donate. DONATION or mail a check to: ATTENTION Daryl Huff 312 W.Wetz St Marion, TX 78124.


And then stay posted this weekend on FB.

Love and Joy! Dawn

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