Wimberly on Monday thanks to you!

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God is with us!!!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you a little update about all of the amazing things that have happened today to prepare us to serve hot food in Wimberly Monday evening.

First of all I have to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my kids.  This morning, after they got up and had some breakfast I explained to them about how the storms had destroyed a lot of houses and buildings and that they didn’t have very many warm meals to eat there.  I let them know that we needed to tidy up our toys in case we had to store some supplies in our Airstream until Monday when we go and cook.  They all talked about how they were ready to start out on our ministry.  Within about an hour the house was spotless.  They made their beds, put away toys hung laundry, and even scrubbed the bathroom.  My Little guy even put on his Holy Rollers tee-shirt and was ready to go feed people today.  He was disappointed we were not all ready to go.


THANK YOU to all of you that called or messaged me with prayers.  You know each of them came at the perfect time.

We received a call from a local organization offering some supplies for us to use and also extra food to deliver there.  I will pick it up in the morning.


Many blocked roads…covered with water.

Through out the day I was receiving offers of donations and also volunteers to help cook and deliver warm meals!  I can’t begin to express how important it is to us that we honor God and you with how we use these resources. The more we receive the more we can cook! If we get more than we need for one meal we will just plan to cook again on another day.

We ended the day at $480 in donations for groceries (At least a couple others are still expected to roll in), as well as about 5 Monday  cooking and delivering volunteers.  You all are such an encouragement to me.  There are so many wonderful good-hearted people out there and we consider ourselves fortunate to call you friends.

I was reading an update on what was needed still for residents and so many of them were saying that they really wanted something to eat. They need more prepared food.  I thought it was interesting and a little sad that they just wanted a little comfort…a place to rest, get warm and dry, fresh socks, and to eat a good meal. Oh my heart.   Those things are so important.

Well, I am exhausted.  I start again at  6:30 tomorrow. (You know that is tough for this homeschooling momma…lol!)  There is not enough coffee. HA!

Good night!  We will keep you posted tomorrow!  Oh..and thanks for sharing our facebook page and Gofundme sites.  That has really helped!  Keep it going!

Lot’s of love & joy!


Storm brewing!

Storm brewing!






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